Tingsha Bells for Healing

Tingsha Bells for Healing


In the Buddhist religion, practitioners aim for awareness, kindness and wisdom, using meditation as one of the ways to change oneself. During meditation, they utilize several sound and vibration devices to help focus the mind and keep themselves centered. One of these devices is the tingsha bell, known to help relieve stress, depression and grief. The calming and peaceful sounds of the tingsha allows positive energies to flow into the brain, helping the brain to relax and put it at ease.  

We discovered tingshas thru Suren Shrestha, founder of Atma Buti School and Author of "How to Heal with the Singing Bowls." Suren was born in Nepal, about 45 miles southeast of Mt. Everest. At the Atma Buti school, Suren is a guide for students from all walks of life on their journey in sound. Sharing the knowledge through education, sound concerts and sound healing, Suren has touched the hearts of many. As the tribe of Atma Buti students grows worldwide, the sound and vibration of positivity spreads and negativity dissipates.

Suren supplies us with practitioner-grade tingshas that are made of seven metals and therefore have a longer resonance/vibration, compared to the standard tingshas you can purchase anywhere, which are made out of 5 metals.




Suren has saved us his “practitioner” tingshas- it’s one that he reserves for his students because it’s made of 7 metals and has a longer resonance/vibration compared to the standard tingshas made of 5 metals.  More about Suren and his sound healing practice here: https://www.atmabuti.org/atma-buti-on-fox-news/

See the tingshas at minute 2:00 and 2:25.

The tingshas that we source from Suren are handmade in the same village where the brass bowls are made- so with the same families that have been practicing this craft for generations.

Of the 8 options of price/qualities- we chose these and while we cannot listen to each one, we trust that Suren will pick and send us beautiful healing ones! We've worked with Suren for about 20 years now, and trust him and his skills.  He made us this video of him playing four different styles!

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