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Tips and Tricks #1 - 5/7/20

Tips and Tricks #1 - 5/7/20

Tips and Tricks - The short and sweet of the video! 
• You can use an emery board as a file! Even better, use the files made for fiberglass nails, cause those are super tough and can cut the metal much more effectively!
The best bet for longevity is a metal 2-cut, file, but when in need, use what you got!
• If you can't find a metal file or nail file, you can also use sandpaper wrapped around a popsicle stick!
• Use your thumb as a measuring device! Find the length of your thumb, from the tip to the joint, and use that as your basic wire wrap length guide! Or the width of your ring finger (mine is 1/2") or your pinky (mine is 3/8") is handy when making eyepins!
• Help your eyes out with good lighting that’s lightweight and easy to keep charged with either recyclable batteries or plugged into a portable phone charger, and team it with lightweight Mageyes that magnify at 1.6 or 2.0 AND because of it's vertical movement, allows you to watch tv while beading!
• Macrame boards are a great way to keep your project in place, your threads tight and it keeps everything from shifting. The foam board is lightweight, and the flexible slits in the foam can hold the wire, threads, and even thick beaded cords. Great for macrame, braiding, lattice wrap, love story, knotting, and MORE!
• Alligator tape protects your fingers from rubbing, chafing, and soreness when gripping wire! A must-have!!
• Sharpie pens! They made wonderful ear wire shapes when you coil 21 gauge wire around it!! Don’t forget to file the ends of your ear wires, or use a cup bur on your motorized flex shaft or bead reamer in order to smooth out the ends.
• Crimping pliers! Yes, they fold crimps in half to minimize their bulk and make their hold even tighter, but did you know they are the perfect tool to close and round out your crimp covers?
• Ever feel like your wire wraps are excessive? Like there are too many wraps causing it to look like a long and skinny neck? If this is the case, you can use the tips of your Lindstrom round nose pliers to make the initial 90 angle bend. This creates a tiny space of 2 wraps! Perfect!
• When making your own necklace with a piece of chain, sometimes the last chain links are too small to fit a jump ring! Use a pin, safety pin, T-pin, or the tips of your Lindstrom round nose as an awl to stretch the loop out, and make it larger! If the chain links are oval, this is the best way to round them and get a minimum 20 gauge jump ring in there!
• Start a new habit by polishing your wire before doing ANY kind of wirework. This takes off the tarnish and creates a smooth surface for your tools to glide over. Reduces friction, jaw marks on the wire, and make it easier to turn and move the wire in general. Try it, you’ll see!
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