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Jason's Top 5 Tool Tips at The Bead Gallery

Hi Hi!!  Here's a quickie tool lesson from the world's best bead store owner and tool guy... Jason!! 


Good tools are the BEST investment when it comes to crafting, workmanship and developing your skills.  This is the most common story we share -  You can have practiced for years, and yet round nose pliers with poorly made jaws will never turn a beautiful round loop. Pictured here are our "workhorses".  They are german chain, round and flat nose pliers that we've used for the past 22 years in the store.

They've rotated through classes, demos, made hundreds of wire wraps, jewelry and been dropped, loaned, oiled and loved.  They've been squeezed by at least a thousand people and have built up their creative mana over the years!

Tools never go out of style.  Get a good set and it will last longer than shoes, purses, clothes and definitely makeup! 

It's an investment in our creative spirit and happiness so live large and get good ones! We personally use ALL the tools in our store.  Everything is tried and true and we welcome questions and will show you how to use and care for them.  

Enjoy just a small handful of Jason's tool tips!  Always more to come!

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Jason's TOP 5 Tool Tips

  1. Oil your tools!  Use a tool oil and your tools will last decades!
  2. Use size #0000 steel wool to remove rust build-up.
  3. If you use hand lotion, wipe off your tools regularly.  That's a rust attractor!
  4. Masking tape your tools to prevent damaging your wire - especially on large gauge wires.
  5. Don't store your tools in a sealed plastic bag!  Jason stresses this one!  He's seen too many tools that rusted over due to a little moisture in the bag.
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