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tool earring maker

Tool Trunk Show Demos

These tool jigs are so much fun to use!  They create simple and fun components and findings.  Also, see below for a demo of these super cool tools!tool earring maker

Earring Display Card Hole Punch

[embed][/embed] This nifty hole punch is great for transforming business cards into earring packaging!

Square Earwire Maker Tool

[embed][/embed] I like this one because it can be used as a standard earwire OR you can bind on it and create some really awesome designs.  In addition, they're super easy to use :)

Swan Earwire Maker

[embed][/embed] Swan earwires give an elongated and elegant look.  Since they're so easy to make, you won't have to feel so stingy on using these special earwires!

C-hook Earwire Maker

[embed][/embed] Not only are these earwires, but also they can be used for decor!  We use this and driftwood to hang pendants, but you can also use it to hang ornaments on your Christmas tree :)

Shepherd Hook Earwire

[embed][/embed] This jig is super fancy because it even comes with a built in wire-measure-er!  They create the most standard earwire - save money and get this tool (and wire of course!) to never buy ear wires again!
That's a wrap!  (no pun intended)  In addition to our site, keep in touch with us through Facebook!
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