Treasure Trove - A Technique for Everyone!

Treasure Trove - A Technique for Everyone!

This stunning collar will always make a statement and never untwist and we show you how to do it here!
Almost everyone who sees this breathtaking multistrand necklace is amazed to learn it requires NO experience and very little technique! It's an original design and technique combination that we created at The Bead Gallery over 15 years ago that is timeless!   Featured in the 10th Anniversary Collector's Issue of Bead Style, we are proud to share it with you here :)
The project is done in three "layers" and each one is easy to repeat. Before you know it, you'll bewearing this beautiful showpiece proudly!  Enjoy the PDF and Video Tutorial - like and subscribe to us on YouTube and join us on Facebook for the hundreds of other projects we'd love to show you!


Video Tutorial: Treasure Trove at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

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