Weekly Angel Message - Sept 20, 2021

Weekly Angel Message - Sept 20, 2021

It's Angel Message Monday!

This week's message is:
There's a lot of fear going around right now with the pandemic. A lot of us are triggered by certain things, certain events, certain mandates, etc. But what does that reaction say? What is the lesson hidden within the fear or within our reaction to it? Our Angels say to us to turn the fear over to them and allow them to help us see the lessons within. If we allow the fear to affect us then we miss out on more! We're here on Earth to learn - there's a lot to learn if we open our eyes and hearts. If you struggle with that (like we all do) remember your Angels are here to help!

Some gemstone recommendations for this intention:
Angel Aura Quartz 8mm Round Bead - 7" StrandAngel Aura Quartz has al the properties of clear/crystal quartz with the addition of the silver and platinum that is bonded to it. It is good for helping you bring in love and light into difficult situations and open you to divine knowledge and support. Angel Aura is also good for connecting to the angels.

Tumbled Gem Set: Heaven to Earth-Gemstone Specimen-The Bead Gallery HonoluluThe Heaven to Earth tumbled stones mix is also perfect for this intention!

Whatever gemstones you choose for this intention, I hope that it will help you overcome fear and open yourself to the beauty of life's lessons!

Have a beautiful week, bead fam! Here's my favorite quote for overcoming fear: 
"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." -Jack Canfield

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