Weekly Angel Message - Sept 6, 2021

Weekly Angel Message - Sept 6, 2021

Happy Monday!
I know...it's basically the end of Monday already - to be honest I almost forgot since it's a holiday! I was busy enjoying the day off with my family. I hope you were all able to enjoy the day as well!
This is so in line with the card and Angel message of this week: Appreciation!

Appreciation, gratitude...these are the most powerful tools of manifestation! Many people nowadays are not grateful or appreciative of what they have. They only focus on the negative: what they don't have, what they want, what they don't want...the angels remind us to shift our thinking and thereby our vibrations by focusing on the positive. Appreciation can start small! A simple "Thank you" to the angels, to your parents, to the stranger holding the door open for you - there! That raised your vibration! It raised the other person's vibration! The angels and I challenge you to write three things every day that you appreciate (and not air, water, food, etc.) little things you may have taken for granted. Let's try that this week!

Let's open our eyes and hearts to appreciation and gratitude with:
Chrysoprase is great for heart healing and opening to love. These tumbles are great for carrying in your pocket and holding on to for a few moments of mindful breathing or meditation!
Chrysoprase Large Tumbled Stone-Gemstone Specimen-The Bead Gallery Honolulu
Tiger's Eye for being brave and feeling compassion! These Starfish are perfect for this intention - to help you remember that even the little things and one person can make a difference!
Tiger Eye Starfish Bead - 20mm Long-Drill-Gemstone Loose-The Bead Gallery HonoluluThe Heal Gemstone mix is perfect for this intention! It's great for manifesting healing energy for ourselves and others. 
Tumbled Gem Set: Heal-Gemstone Specimen-The Bead Gallery HonoluluI appreciate all of you, your beautiful comments and feedback! Thank you for reading and I wish you all a wonderful, appreciation filled week! I'll see you all LIVE on Saturday for our next Angel showcase!

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Mahalo for your message Joy! 💗
Wearing my chrysoprase mala 📿 and carrying on with my tiger’s eye bracelets from this weekend😊
I like your message of gratitude because when I’m pondering about all I have to be grateful for, it brings me comfort and stillness especially when my circumstances seem chaotic or crazy.
Have a wonderful week and thank you for taking the time each week to provide us with a message of healing energy 🧘🏻‍♀️


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