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Why Do We Love Hearts and Stars?

Hearts and stars are two of the best-loved and most often used symbols. What is the symbolism of these iconic images, and why do we love them so much?


The heart is the primary locus of physical and spiritual being, and represents the "central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason." It's a complex symbol of love, compassion, and understanding. Often considered to be the origin of emotions, the heart is most commonly associated with love and affection.

The image that is commonly associated. with the heart is a shape that has evolved over centuries. Heart shapes were used in decorative art by ancient societies, and may have originated with the appropriation of shapes found in nature, such as the heart-shaped ivy, fig, or water-lily leaves.  Don't you just love find a heart shape in your food, clouds, rocks, leaves, and even the foam in your coffee?


Stars can symbolize humanity, divinity, hope, faith, guidance, god, excellence, motivation, magic, fame, and life. In general, stars are often associated with positive messages and metaphors, and often represent purity, good luck, and ambitions. From ancient times, travelers have navigated by and sought guidance from the stars. The sighting of a shooting star is often considered to be a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement in life. Stars can also symbolize new beginnings — those that have already taken place and even those that may occur in the future. People will wish upon a star to realize their deepest desires, wants, and needs and a star provides hope for many. Moreover, stars, and symbols associated with stars, hold different meanings in various cultures.

Hence, we gravitate toward the shapes and images of hearts and stars because they are such powerful and universal manifestations of positive emotions and energies.

Both of these symbols bring about an immediate reaction of positivity, joy, engagement in life, and HOPE - and we find that our customers and all of us at The Bead Gallery gravitate towards these two symbols quite often, if not daily!   Sending this to you with love and hope!

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