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Beachcomber Glass & Shell Mix - 26 pcs.

Beachcomber Glass & Shell Mix - 26 pcs.

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Exclusive Beachcomber Glass & Shell Mix from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:

  • 20-25mm recycled glass sliver bead - 1 piece
  • 18mm recycled glass square wafer bead - 1 piece
  • 8mm recycled glass round bead - 1 piece
  • 10mm recycled glass round bead - 4 pieces
  • 9mm recycled glass slice - 2 pieces
  • 12mm recycled glass nugget bead - 1 piece
  • 10mm recycled glass chubby chip - 2 pieces
  • Spiral shell disk - 1 piece
  • Peach nutmeg shell - 2 pieces
  • Nutmeg shell - 2 pieces
  • 4mm Chinese crystal cube - 6 pieces
  • 6mm Chinese crystal cube - 2 pieces
  • 8mm Chinese crystal cube - 1 piece

    A super-beachy combination of shells and matte recycled glass with a pinch of crystal for just a touch of sparkle.

    Use the baby knots technique to have the beads sit closely together, or separate the beads with overhand knots for a more net-like effect.

    If you prefer to turn into jewelry, simply add a Knotting Medium Findings Pack if you want to wear as an anklet or bracelet!

    Helpful Video Tutorials

    Lightcatcher Tutorial

    Beachcomber Baby Knotted Bracelet

    How to Create Bracelet Knots (A Baby Knots Bracelet)

    * Additional Tools Recommended:

    • Sharp Scissors
    • Knotting Tweezers (to make aiming overhand knots easier!)
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