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Thread Zap II

Thread Zap II

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Perfect to "cut" your Brazilian Waxed Polyester and burn the ends in.

No more frayed thread ends on your seed beading or macrame projects! It trims, burns, or melts thread with one touch? Tip heats instantly with the push of a button! The extra-fine tip allows for precision application. Ideal for finishing beadweaving & stringing projects.


  • Battery-operated (One AA, not included). Need a battery? Let us know in the notes and we'll see if we can find one for you!
  • Replacement tips available.  Contact us!


Tips get extremely hot when tool button is depressed. This is to attain heat that can burn the threads.

Keep away from children, flammable materials, & skin. Keep cap on when not in use. For professional use only.

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