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Vintage Luxe Bead Set - 6 pcs.

Vintage Luxe Bead Set - 6 pcs.

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Add these vintage beads to any project for immediate winter fun!  We used it in a lightcatcher to create a collectible piece with a touch of rich glass history!

These vintage glass beads are from the renowned glass-making regions of Czech and Germany. Each bead in this lightcatcher is a piece of history, reflecting the rich traditions and masterful craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations.

Czech glass beads are known globally for their exceptional quality and vibrant colors. These handmade beads were hand-wound in a flame to our specs, carrying with them the legacy of a centuries-old glassmaking industry. 

Complementing the Czech beads are the equally stunning German glass beads, celebrated for their precision and elegance. Germany's storied history in glass bead production is evident in each bead's flawless design and enduring beauty. The blend of German and Czech glass beads in this lightcatcher creates a harmonious symphony of European artistry.

  • Included in this mix: 6 pieces of Czech handmade and vintage glass beads

*We also included a little bag of blue Japanese 11/0 seed beads to accent your beads!

Add an Egyptian Icicle Crystal and some Supplemax .010 to make this lovely lightcatcher!

Showcased are three of our holiday kits, each with its own unique charm. From left to right:

  1. The whimsical Snowman.
  2. Jason's Sparkling Crystals.
  3. The elegant Vintage Glass.
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