All About Our "Debbie Lindsey" Necklace!

All About Our "Debbie Lindsey" Necklace!

Debbie is one of our longtime customers and friends. We recently celebrated her birthday with a Facebook Live "birthday party" featuring Debbie Lindsey necklace supplies! (You can catch the replay here)

So how did the famous "Debbie Lindsey" necklace come about?

Years ago, she came in to the store and wanted to make something for a special occasion. So we started with a basic wire wrapped pearl necklace. Our idea was to just link all the pearls at first. But as we were working on it together, I was going to take too long to finish! So we decided to add some chain to create breaks in between the wire wrapping. We started off with a 2 inch section of chain, continued to wire wrap, then added another section of chain.  Then we finished it off with one focal bead. And TA-DAA, the Debbie Lindsey necklace was born! 

The Debbie Lindsey is a perfectly balanced necklace with chain and wire wrap, so no matter where the necklace shifts to, it still looks good (We all have those necklaces that swivel throughout the day and you end up with the clasp in front or your pendant ends up on the side of your neck, or something awkward!). It's also easy to make! All you need is:
- Basic Wire wrapping knowledge
- Chain, Round and Flat Nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- 48 to 50 6-8mm beads or freshwater pearls
- 10 feet of 24 gauge half hard wire
- 1 larger focal bead
- 2 feet total of Chain (your choice, can have more than one type of chain)
- Clasp, Closed ring and jump rings (if you want. If you add a clasp, you can also use it as a wrapped bracelet!)

The measurements of the Debbie Lindsey are: 
- Total length of the necklace: 33.5 inches
- 8 inches from wire loop end to loop end (or 13 beads of 8mm size)
- 1.5 inches of chain (not including the wire loops)
- 3.75 inches wire loop end to loop end (or 6 beads of 8mm size)
- Focal (approx. 1.25 inches, wire loop to wire loop)
- 7 inches wire loop end to loop end (11 beads of 8mm size)
- 1.5 inches of chain
- 6.25 inches wire loop end to loop end (10 beads of 8mm size)
- 1.5 inches of chain
- 4.25 inches wire loop end to loop end (7 beads of 8mm size)

- if you are using a smaller chain, we recommend doubling or tripling it for your chain sections so it's stronger. 
- Play around with the sections for your own unique design!


We've got a Zoom class scheduled on February 18, 2021 at 5 PM Hawaii time. There's still time to join! This was one of our first Zoom events last year when we were shutdown! It's easy, relaxing and you end up with a really beautiful necklace you can wear anytime! Want to sign up? Email us at: or Text us at (808) 436-4930!!!

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I am interested in purchasing a Debbie Lindsey kit and attending the Zoom class. Please let me know how I can go about that. I also requested shipping information about the Magna visor to Virginia Beach, Virginia.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Vasconcellos

I am waiting for the supplies to arrive, if they don’t come in time , I have back up…that I have purchase prior


Sent a text to enroll. I love this design.


Looking forward to joining everyone in making this stunning necklace!


I am in love with this design! I’ll see you on the Zoom.


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