Calvin Orr: Mastering the Art of Glass Bead-Making in Hawaii

Calvin Orr: Mastering the Art of Glass Bead-Making in Hawaii

Calvin Orr

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It Started at a Bead Show.


A pivotal moment in Calvin Orr's life occurred at a bead show in San Francisco in 1997, where he crossed paths with Jamie and her mother. This serendipitous meeting quickly blossomed into a deep bond that transcended mere friendship, uniting them as a family. 

Soon after, Calvin relocated to Hawaii, harmoniously merging his life and work with their bead store. Beyond supplying exquisite lampwork beads, he also brought an infectious warmth and joy to their lives, often manifested in the form of home-cooked crispy bacon after Sunday dinners.

Where Calvin Creates..

From the radiant heart of Aiea, Hawaii, arises the mesmerizing artwork of renowned glass bead maker, Calvin Orr. His creations, each unique and meticulously handcrafted, spring from the depths of his boundless creativity, illuminated by the fiery glow of the lampworking torch. Brimming with freshness and vivacity, Orr's beads are not merely objects of adornment, but intricate, tangible narratives of a free-flowing artistic spirit, bringing joy and inspiration to those fortunate enough to encounter them.

At one point, Calvin had multiple torches, tanks and a teaching table where he shared his skills! Now 30 years after his love of stained glass, and molten glass started, he now loves to play with his favorite colors, BLUE AND PURPLE, making more sparkling beads than you could imagine in those signature colors!

Beadmaking Skills ..

Orr's journey into the world of glasswork began more than three decades ago, initially exploring stained and molten glass before his passion guided him towards bead-making. His dedication to the craft has been unwavering, resulting in an astounding repertoire of over 20,000 beads and counting. Each bead, fashioned in the heat of the moment, encapsulates his zeal for creation, with every new design an exciting testament to his unwavering artistic experimentation.

Forever drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Calvin Orr remains a voracious learner, continually absorbing and experimenting with new techniques. This unwavering curiosity, coupled with his inexhaustible creativity, ensures that each new design remains a delightful surprise, keeping everyone on their toes, anticipating what he will create next.



One of Orr's signature creations is the classic flower bead, a testament to his enduring love for detail and the natural world. Over 20 years ago, he and Jamie embarked on crafting these together, an endeavor that he has tirelessly pursued to this day. Each of these beads is a labor of love, with each petal and leaf intricately formed around a hot glass mandrel, encapsulating Orr's deep affection for the art and his unwavering commitment to make them prettier with each passing day.

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Calvin Orr, the artist, the 'bead-dad', and the heart and soul behind every bead at The Bead Gallery, invites you to explore and revel in the magical world of his creations, lovingly showcased at

Every bead is not only a testament to Orr's artistic journey, but also a tribute to the loving family and his extended Bead Gallery Ohana that has supported and nurtured his artistic spirit, making each piece as much a joy to behold as they are a joy to create.


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❤️ Just a few of his thousands of beads that turned into jewelry!

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