Lucky Charms - Turtles and Tortoises!

Lucky Charms - Turtles and Tortoises!

Turtle charms are undeniably cute and a perfect addition to any Ocean themed collection! Many people love to see turtles while visiting Hawaii because they just make us feel warm and fuzzy! But did you know that Turtles and Tortoises are also considered good luck as well?

In Feng Shui, the Turtle/Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Guardians, and brings you luck, long life, peace and success. Many Asian cultures consider the turtle/tortoise as a symbol of long life - they can live to be over a hundred years old! (Have you watched Finding Nemo?) Due to their long lifespans, they are also considered to be very wise and patient.

Here are some other ways people consider Turtles to be good luck:
  • Japanese also have golden lucky turtles that are made to carry in your wallet and purse for prosperity. 
  • The Honu, or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, is an Aumakua, or guardian spirit. It is also believed to help lost travelers find their way home.
  • Many cultures believe the world is carried on the back of an old, wise turtle. 

The gemstones or metals that turtle charms are made with will also carry the energy of that specific gem or metal too! 

You can find a super cute Turtle to carry with you or give as a gift in our Lucky Beads Showcase or in our Ocean Showcase! 

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