Mask Leash Holder

Mask Leash Holder

Now that face masks are becoming the new normal for everyone, we've come up with a creative way to make a fun accessory that allows you to keep your mask attached to you all day!  

This has happened to me - where it accidentally slips off when I'm moving around, or I remove it to eat or drink and drop it!  I love my mask leash, but please remember to keep it clean as well!!

We've put together handy kits in color combinations that are sure to please!  We also have plans to create combos for certain holidays or occasions (i.e., pinks for October breast cancer awareness month), so check back often to see the latest collections! We also have a great TUTORIAL on our YouTube channel!

These are definitely beginner-friendly, and so addicting, you'll want to make more than one! Included in our mask leash holder kits are:

  • (1) Alligator Clip
  • (2) Sterling Silver 2x2 Twist Crimps
  • (2) Sterling Silver Cable Wire Protectors
  • (1 ft.) .014 Soft Touch Beading Cable Wire
  • (1) Silver Plated 15mm Lobster Clasp
  • (5) Omakase (OUR CHOICE) Mixed Size Seed Beads in 1x1" Tic Tac Containers - sizes may include from 15/0, 11/0, 8/0, 6/0, Cubes, Magatamas, 2-Hole, Charlottes, Triangles and more!  
  • (10) A FREE GIFT of random 10 - $1 dollar bags filled with assortments of glass beads, tiny gems, crystals, and more!

If you find that you want to make more leashes, you'll find all of the supplies here!

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