Palm Stones

Palm Stones

A palm stone is a great way to enjoy the benefits of crystal energies! Just by holding one in your hand can help to create a very powerful connection with the healing properties of each crystal. They can help in meditation and relaxation, or just bring you peace and calm.

We've recently added some palm stones to our Facebook Group page - TBG Gemstone Specimens and Clusters Showcase. There, you will find videos by Danton Doss, a psychic nalu, speaking about each palm stone individually and giving his feelings about the attributes of each one. Look for these videos: Apatite (for transformative new ideas and new perspectives) and Labradorite (for energy that brings magic back to your life)!

You can also find the Apatite and Labradorite palm stones on our website!

And while you're perusing the TBG Gemstone Specimens and Clusters Showcase, be sure to check out the beautiful hand-picked Crystal Rainbow Quartz gemstones and specimens we have! Many of them have natural rainbow inclusions in them!

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