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A Pendulum Tool to Help You Focus!

A pendulum can be a friendly tool when you are about to pull your hair out making a decision!  Use it for self awareness, healing, or a just to speed up the process. A couple years ago, I was choosing a new font for my website.  After looking through thousands, I was exhausted and everything was looking similar.. Then I remembered that I had a tool!  I reached for my pendulum and proceeded to whip through pages and pages of fonts until I pared it down to 6.  Whew!

Once, I just used my pendulum to "point out" where my coupon folder has been hiding for three weeks (post-moving things). I  was just about to give up, so I was like hmmm, let’s give it one LAST try. And it actually swung in the direction of my folder! Wow! Jason said  "subconscious to the physical = magic!"

How I Use My Pendulum:

• Hold the end of the chain in my hand with the large gem, pointing down.  I also wire wrap a gemstone to the end, so I have something to grip onto.

• As the large gem dangles, ask a yes or no question with an obvious answer.  Is my name Jamie?  (LOL, please use your own name!) .  Let your body relax and see which way your pendulum spins.  My YES is a clockwise spin.  However, my mom's YES is counterclockwise.  Each person will vary, so trust your own body.

• Practice by asking obvious questions and one of the benefits of this, is clearing your mind as you focus on your question, so that you can allow your intuitive answer to come forth :) .

Good luck!

Who needs a pendulum now?  Me! I'm so happy!   Make it uber-functional as a bracelet/pendulum, then you'll be able to consult with yourself at any moment!

It's simple enough to customize with energetic gemstones of your choice, and we did the ones pictured with our "Baby Knots" technique video and our Basic Wire Wrap technique video.  Want to make one, give it a try and have fun!  



Pendulum Yes & No Chart

pendulum yes no chart

Pendulum Percentage Chart

pendulum percentage chart


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