Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Symbolism

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Symbolism

The sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom tree that blooms in the spring and is considered a symbol of beauty and purity.  In Japan, there's an event called "Hanami" which means flower viewing, and it's a BIG event that celebrates the custom of sitting under the trees in public gardens, eating and enjoying that time with friends and family.  

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The cherry blossom is one of our FAVORITES at The Bead Gallery, symbolizing life itself with the fleeting moments of beauty, the impermanence that highlights the transience of all things.... it's sweet, sad, impactful and real, all at the same time.  Blossom time is quick to pass, and this reminder heightens our awareness of the sweetness of being present to enjoy and the bittersweetness that it balances with the realities of life.

There is a Japanese phrase that I learned in high school, "mono no aware" that left an impact on me as it was the first time I was introduced to a word that explained the ephemeral quality of life.  The changes of the moon, the passing of seasons, cherry blossom season and the entrance and exit of our loved ones all remind us to be present and to savor the beauty that surrounds us.

Two kinds of blossoms!

Cherry blossoms and plum blossoms look similar - so here's some of the major differences. 

  • Plum blossoms start blooming earlier!  As early as mid- February so it's the earliest spring flower, often blooming in snow! There’s a Chinese proverb - the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.  This flower symbolizes spring, good fortune and happiness. 
  • More than one cherry blossom can come out of a cherry bud. Plum blossoms are one per bud.
  • Plum blossoms have rounded petals and don't have the split at the end of the petals.  Cherry blossoms almost have a heart-shaped petal with the cleft in the middle.
  • Cherry blossoms have green leaves and plum blossoms have small purple leaves. 

Sakura Beads

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Etched Beads

 Featured in this photo are Crystal Quartz & Black Agate beads etched with cherry blossoms! We had a hand in designing and choosing the gemstones and colors that these were made in, and are so pleased with the quality etching and bead holes! 

sakura agate lattice wrap bracelet

cherry blossom beads


There is a gemstone called "Sakura Agate" and "Cherry Blossom Agate" with bits of chaceldony floating in the natural pink agate!  It's so pretty and it's one of our best-selling gemstones in the store!

Inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms - we hope you love them as much as we do. 

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