The Power of Pink: A Celebration of Love, Understanding, and Unity

The Power of Pink: A Celebration of Love, Understanding, and Unity


Aloha!  I'm Jamie, and welcome to the pinkest blog I've ever written!


Pink is a funny color. Over the past 25 years, it rarely elicits a lukewarm response when I recommend this hue. People either love it or they resist it! Isn't that interesting? But, when you think about it, this reaction has no mystery. As a color, pink carries a specific power that triggers strong responses connected to our ideas of love, self-love, loving others, and feeling good about ourselves. It strikes a chord, and people can't help but react. Funny enough, I've never heard anyone say they "hate black or brown," have you?


Now for myself, I LOVE PINK! I love it with aqua, green, orange, yellow, black, brown, blue, red, gray, white..... It matches everything in my eyes :). I see this as the color of love; therefore, I put it with everything!

WE ARe Lucky to Live in a Rainbow!

It's Pride Month, our chance to wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. This year, I wanted to share more about why I love pink, a hue that elicits powerful reactions and carries profound symbolism.  It's NOT just a cute girlie color!

In the original rainbow flag, pink represents sexuality. But beyond that, it also signifies love, understanding, and the strength to authenticate yourself. This color, often associated with warmth, kindness, and compassion, perfectly embodies our shared human experience.

Jason and I are fortunate to share our lives with cherished members of the LGBTQ+ community—including our siblings, family members, employees, friends, and customers. Growing up in Hawaii with the multitude of colors around us, from the mountain to the ocean and all the people in between, we are so fortunate to be surrounded and influenced by these daily reminders that love knows no boundaries and that our unique differences are something to be celebrated and cherished. 

As store owners and active members of the community and the public, we are proud to be able to invite and welcome everyone (who likes pink!) to our version of extending that acceptance and diversity via our rainbow of a store. You are most welcome to our ohana!!


What Shall we make?


Here are a few jewelry ideas that I believe beautifully embody inclusivity, understanding and acceptance, and are on my bead boards currently!

1. Pink Triangle Pendant: The triangle is a significant symbol in the LGBTQ+ community. A pink triangle pendant serves as a reminder of the past struggles and the progress we've made towards equality.

2. Pink Beaded Bracelet: A bracelet featuring pink beads, possibly crafted from rose quartz—known for its love-enhancing properties—would be a meaningful symbol of support. This accessory beautifully communicates notions of love, unity, and acceptance.

3. Pink Friendship Necklace: A beaded necklace with a special charm makes a perfect expression of camaraderie and solidarity. It signifies that we stand by each other, proudly and lovingly.  Add a heart charm or a pineapple for a symbol of friendship!

4. Pink Beaded Anklet: An anklet, subtle yet striking, is an attractive piece of jewelry. A pink beaded anklet would serve as an ideal symbol of support during this sunny season, as well as remind us to stay strong and steady on our feet as we keep moving forward!  As Louise Hay reminds us, "Ankles can represent our ability to change direction or go with the flow in life.  They can also represent our willingness to accept joy and pleasure that life brings us."  Is this the MOST perfect pairing of a project?  A pink anklet.  *I also highly recommend reading more about the wonderful Louise Hay, as it's her healing and inspiring cards that I share in our live shows!

Pink Gallery

Embracing the color pink this month goes beyond fashion. It's about acknowledging and celebrating the diverse identities it represents. By wearing these pink pieces we're showing our support for a community that consistently showcases courage, love, and resilience.

As we step into Pride Month, let's wrap ourselves in the color pink! Let's strive to be more understanding, more accepting, and more loving, because love—in all its beautiful forms—deserves to be celebrated.

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