Tiger Eye Pendulum at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

Tiger Eye Pendulum at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

tiger eye pendulum
Each stone in this pendulum (and necklace!!) serves as a conduit for specific energies and, combined, they assist you in connecting with your inner self, guiding you to listen to your intuition and helping you navigate through life's choices. 

These colors and the inherent properties of the stones create an aura of positive yang energy. It's as if you're armed with an energetic booster, guiding you towards optimism, courage, and the strength to face decisions head-on.

The rich hues of browns, greens, and reds in this pendulum collectively elicit feelings of stability, growth, and passion. Brown, reminiscent of Earth, symbolizes reliability and strength. Green, representing growth, encourages us to embrace change and evolution. Red, the color of fire and blood, ignites passion and vigor within us.

The Stones of the Tiger Eye Pendulum and Their Significance:

    • Garnet ignites the flame of courage and commitment, setting a firm foundation upon which all decisions can be made with unwavering conviction.
    • Moldavite, a gem of cosmic connection, elevates our perspective, encouraging us to view challenges and opportunities from a broader, universal lens.
    • Citrine showers its golden light upon our path, infusing every step with positivity and optimism, ensuring our mindset remains uplifted.
    • Smoky Quartz acts as the guardian of our energies, dispelling negativity and providing a protective shield against external influences that might cloud judgment.
    • Black Agate with Dragon Etching empowers the wearer's spirit, reminiscent of the dragon's strength, resilience, and bravery in the face of adversity.
    • Crystal Quartz, the master amplifier, intensifies the combined energies of all the stones, ensuring clarity and focus permeate every thought and action.
    • Saturn Chalcedony anchors balance, reminding us that in every decision, it's essential to weigh all aspects, to approach challenges with both heart and mind.
    • Einstein Sidewalk Stone infuses our decision-making process with intellectual prowess, inspiring us to seek knowledge and approach problems with curiosity and an open mind.


🔆 Bringing it all together is the Tiger Eye Pendulum, the anchor, and the guide. Its stabilizing energy ensures that while the wearer is open to cosmic insights and brave endeavors, they remain grounded and centered, never losing sight of their inner compass.

Together, these nine stones create a synergy that's more than just an accessory. It's a tool, a guide, and a source of empowerment. Wearing this necklace is akin to having a personal council of wise energies, each contributing its strength, ensuring that every decision made is aligned with the highest self, imbued with the spirit of Aloha.

pendulum layout

How to Use Your Pendulum:

  1. Begin with Gratitude: Holding your pendulum, close your eyes and take a moment to express gratitude for the energies the stones bring and the wisdom you seek.

  2. Connect with the Stones:

    • Tiger Eye: Amplifies confidence and grounding, allowing you to trust in your decisions.
    • Garnet: Encourages passionate energy and motivation.
    • Moldavite: Enhances spiritual growth and offers transformational energy.
    • Citrine: Attracts abundance and positivity.
    • Smoky Quartz: Assists in clearing negativity and grounding.
    • Black Agate with Dragon Etching: Bestows courage and strength.
    • Crystal Quartz: Amplifies energies and thoughts.
    • Saturn Chalcedony: Helps in finding balance and harmony.
    • Einstein Sidewalk Stone: Grounds spiritual energies and connects you to Mother Earth.
  3. Ask Your Question: Formulate a clear, precise question in your mind. Remember, the pendulum works best with "yes or no" questions.

  4. Determine Pendulum Movements: Before asking your main question, find out which way your pendulum swings for "yes" and "no." Ask it a question with an obvious answer, like "Is my name [Your Name]?" See the direction it moves for "yes."

  5. Listen with Intent: Once you’ve asked your main question, watch the pendulum's movement and feel the energies from the stones. This is your body's way of communicating with you through the pendulum. Allow the pendulum to move freely without interference.

  6. Reflect: After receiving your answer, take a moment to reflect on it. The pendulum serves as a tool, but always remember, it's amplifying your own intuition.

  7. Care for Your Pendulum: Cleanse it periodically under the moonlight or by smudging with sage to maintain its energy.

  8. CHARTS: Link to our pendulum charts here!
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