Tumbled Gemstones

Tumbled Gemstones

Crystal gemstones have been known to bring positive energy flow into the body, and release negative energies we may be holding onto. Using the crystal gems to help in setting your intentions is a powerful way to bring more positivity, happiness and balance into your life.

We recently put together some beautiful tumbled gemstone sets with the help of our wonderful friend, Celeste Oshiro Wong. Celeste is a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki practitioner. She has spent her career dedicated to supporting, connecting, and encouraging the flow of healing energy in people and their furry friend!

Whatever your intention, you're sure to find a gemstone set to match it. We made 15 sets to cover as much as we could! Some people use these gemstones on a geometric grid placed strategically in their home. Others carry them around in a cage or in their pocket. No matter what method you choose, you're sure to enjoy the benefits of these stones!

Take a look at our selection and start your road of intentions today!

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