Herkimer Diamonds: Sparkling Quartz Treasures

Herkimer Diamonds: Sparkling Quartz Treasures

A quick bit about Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz) and you can watch Jason's recent replay on Facebook Live to purchase from our in-store stash! 

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Herkimer Diamonds are unique, double-terminated quartz crystals found primarily in Herkimer County, New York. These stunning gemstones formed nearly 500 million years ago through a fascinating process involving ancient seas, limy sediments, and silica-rich waters. Although they're called "diamonds," these crystals are actually quartz, but their brilliant sparkle and exceptional clarity make the moniker fitting. Here's what makes Herkimer Diamonds stand out:

  • Naturally formed with 18 facets
  • Double-terminated (points at both ends)
  • Hardness of 7.5 on the MOH scale (compared to 7.0 for average quartz and 10 for true diamonds)
  • Often contain unique inclusions, such as anthraxolite, water bubbles, or rainbow reflections

Special Herkimer Diamonds: Rare and Valuable Specimens

Herkimer Diamonds can come in a variety of forms, including clusters, twins, and phantoms. Some of the rarest and most prized specimens are enhydro crystals, which contain a water bubble inside. Even luckier finds are enhydros with anthraxolite floating in the water bubble. Other interesting features of Herkimer Diamonds are healed fractures, which appear in about 75% of these quartz crystals, and inclusions of black hydrocarbon called anthraxolite.

The Allure of Herkimer Diamonds: Why We Love Them

The popularity of Herkimer Diamonds can be attributed to their size, purity, and diamond-like appearance. These crystals captivate with their double termination, brightness, and luster - the way light interacts with the crystal's surface, creating a radiance or gloss. The unique energies associated with these gemstones also set them apart from similar quartz crystals, such as those from Pakistan. While the latter are younger and form from land-based sediments, Herkimer Diamonds derive their energy from ancient marine organisms found in the host rock, giving them a unique and special essence.

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