What is a Mala?

What is a Mala?

A mala is a single string of beads that is used in prayer and meditation which allows one to count their mantras or intentions. A full mala consists of 108 beads, and is long enough to wear as a necklace. It can also be made into a half mala with 54 beads, or a wrist mala with 27 counting beads to be worn as a bracelet. There is also a "guru" (teacher) bead, which is often larger than the other beads, and it acts as a starting and ending point for counting the repetitions of mantra.

Here at The Bead Gallery, we love making malas because they're simple to do, but have so much meaning behind them. We offer wood beads and focal beads as kits. 

You can also browse through our past Mala Showcase and if you spot something you'd like to get, you're welcome to text (808-436-4930) or email (request@thebeadgallery.com) us.

Also available is our YouTube video on how to make your very own mala. It's definitely simple enough for beginners and a very fulfilling project!

Happy beading!

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