Collection: Jamie's Galentine Layered Necklaces

Girl Power!!!!  hearts!! chain!! it's like Mr. T, but wayyyy cuter and I made all 3 in 15 minutes.

No work.  Just add a clasp onto the chain!  I did add a jumpring onto the medium length necklace, so I can add that on if you purchase the project :)


Shortest necklace with locking heart clasp: 15.25" of chain CB114 (19 X 6.5 Paperclip Cable)

Medium necklace with large heart lobster: 18" of chain CB111 (11 X 4.25 Paperclip Cable)

Longest necklace with locking heart clasp: 28" of chain CB110 (11 X 4.25 Paperclip Cable)