Facebook Live Showcase - The Only Way to Buy.....


The Bead Gallery Gang started Live Shows a bit before Covid and it propelled us through our brick & mortar shutdown!  It's fun to present our bead collection that we started in '97, tell decades of stories, do project demos and techniques, and answer questions on the spot!  WE LOVE TO TEACH - so if you like to learn - especially about beads - like and follow us to get notified when we go LIVE! 


With 3 cameras, 3 microphones, 2 computers, 4 peeps and a ton of lights and gear we get this bead show out to you!  It's a REAL LIFE SLICE OF HAWAII SMALL BIZ LIFE at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu


Convenient to watch on FACEBOOK LIVE or in replay in your own home, on your desktop, table or mobile phone!  You can comment during a LIVE show or REPLAY to purchase!!  You can easily add and remove from cart and checkout whenever you have to go, which makes it perfect to hangout with us at your leisure.


In the past 300+ shows, we've covered

  • ENERGY THEMES (Stones for Grounding and Protection, Angel Healing Gems, Power Stones)
  • SINGLE GEMS (Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone, Turquoise)
  • SWAP MEET (on the spot clearances and ridiculous prices)
  • FUN THEMES (Dinosuars, Southwest, Feathers & Leaves)

We've had a birthday party, sales, and even a CHOOSE YOUR OWN POWER WORD CHARM with intuitive readings, LIVE custom stamping, and all kinds of fun!

I personally love giveaways, prizes, gifts and sharing beads with our bead peeps, so also check out our Bead Gallery Ohana to make new friends!

We may not be able to mingle in large groups, but our Ohana is TIGHT and always welcoming to new friends!


Saturdays and Sundays at 12PM HST (most of the time)


How to Purchase at a LIVE SHOWCASE:

Like and follow us to get notified when we go LIVE! 

• To purchase in a live show, comment: Sold XXX and this item will automatically be added to a cart and you’ll get a message in your Facebook Messenger as we go along!
• To buy more than one item, please comment: sold XXX x2, or ZZZ x3
• To HOLD Paid Goods & combine into one shipment comment: Sold PHS
• Questions? Comment Sold CHAT
At the end of the show, you will have 5 hours to check out.
Questions or post-live requests, please email request@thebeadgallery.com or text us at (808) 436-4930!
Live Showcases at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu