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5x1mm Large Hole Brass Bead Mix - 200 pcs. (M1940)

5x1mm Large Hole Brass Bead Mix - 200 pcs. (M1940)

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This collection features 200 pieces of 5mm x 1mm beads, each with a generously sized hole to accommodate up to 12 gauge wire. The mix includes an assortment of colors—silver, gold, brass, and copper—with 50 pieces of each, providing a versatile palette for various design projects.

Here are some creative ways to use the Large Hole Brass Bead Mix:

  • Mixed Metal Designs: Combine the different colors to create eye-catching mixed metal jewelry pieces.
  • Chunky Bracelets and Necklaces: Utilize the large hole size to work with thicker cords or multiple strands.
  • Accent Beads in Beading Projects: Use these beads to add metallic accents to bead weaving or loom projects.
  • Custom Earrings: Design earrings that highlight the unique colors and metallic finish of each bead.
  • Decorative Craft Projects: Incorporate these beads into home decor or other craft projects for a touch of elegance and color.
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