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Amethyst Beads Mini Mix Set - 34 pcs.

Amethyst Beads Mini Mix Set - 34 pcs.

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Amethyst is the birthstone for February babies - HOWEVER, anyone can wear this pretty purple mix of amethysts - to settle your mind, sharpen your wits, bring awareness and attention to your day, and to be mindful and present in the moment.

String a simple bracelet with your favorite color of 15/0 seed beads in between, and you'll be ready to change your "daze" to a great DAY!

Every gem in this mix adds up to a total length of approximately 7"!  That means you can straight string or knot it to make a bracelet right away, or wire wrap it and make a longer necklace.

Ranging from 4 - 10mm, it's the perfect sizes for ANY project from earrings, to a necklace and it's guaranteed to look great with the mix of smooth, faceted, matte and shiny.  This is a winner!

  • Total amethyst beads: 31 pieces
    • 8mm matte star cut - 3 pieces
    • 10mm x 6mm faceted barrel - 3 pieces
    • 8mm x 6mm smooth barrel - 3 pieces
    • 8mm x 6mm faceted barrel - 3 pieces
    • 4mm x 8mm faceted rondelle - 6 pieces
    • 10mm x 6mm smooth teardrop - 2 pieces
    • 4mm faceted cube - 5 pieces
    • 4mm smooth round - 6 pieces
  • Strings up to 7" in length
  • Hole size fits up to 20 gauge
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Bracelet sample includes:

Mixed Metals Bead Mix (20 grams) - 1 bag (MIX026)

Twisted Vine Toggle Clasp (Antique Copper Plated) - 1 set

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