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Autumn Glow "Almost Finished" Bracelet - 1 ea.

Autumn Glow "Almost Finished" Bracelet - 1 ea.

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Introducing the "Autumn Glow" Gemstone Bracelet— a Bead Gallery, Honolulu original, meticulously designed with over a quarter-century of expertise and the spirit of Aloha. This is not just a bracelet; it's a limited-edition masterpiece with only 12 ever made. Own a piece of art that is as unique as you are!

For this luxurious creation, we offer personalized sizing. Choose your finishing touches—either sterling silver or gold-filled findings—to make this bracelet uniquely yours.  Designed for your convenience,  we can complete your bracelet for a nominal fee as we PRE-STRUNG it for you on Softflex beading cable.  Please contact us for details.

Includes the following as well as 12 more!

  • 10mm Yellow Opal faceted flat round - 1 piece
  • 7mm Andesine smooth round - 1 piece
  • 7mm Amber smooth round - 1 piece
  • 5mm Hessonite Garnet faceted cube- 1 piece
  • 9mm Rutilated Quartz smooth round - 1 piece
  • 9.5mm Orange Rabbit Hair Rutilated Quartz smooth round - 1 piece
  • 6x8mm Citrine faceted cylinder - 1 piece
  • 9mm Phantom Citrine - 1 piece
  • 13mm Rutilated Quartz flat oval nugget - 1 piece
  • 8mm Red Hessonite smooth round - 1 piece
  • 7mm Golden Rutilated Quartz smooth round - 1 piece
  • 7x12mm Yellow Tourmaline - 1 piece
  • Each bead is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.

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