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Basic Light Yellow Hawaiian Sunrise Shell - 1 pc.

Basic Light Yellow Hawaiian Sunrise Shell - 1 pc.

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Sunrise shells are produced by a species of scallop (Langford's Pectens) that is endemic to the Hawaiian islands. These distinctive shells are found nowhere else in the world. Their tremendous range of color variation - from orange, yellow and pink to green & blue - is based on different factors like at what ocean depths the creatures lived and what foods they may be been exposed to.

Sunrise shells represent hope, strength and protection. They are a symbol of carrying the aloha spirit and of sharing it with others. It is a blessing to own and wear a sunrise shell. These gifts of the ocean have a deep aloha that makes you smile and become more positive, which radiates into the lives of those around you. Sunrise shells are a symbol of healing, peace, happiness and joy.

Value Priced and not as bright and colorful as some of their sisters, these shells are happy to shine in your home :)

Basic Light Yellow Hawaiian Sunrise Shells

  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Sizes average 16-24mm
  • Online Exclusive!

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