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Bead Stoppers 1.25" (2 Color Options) - 2 pcs. (TLB38A)

Bead Stoppers 1.25" (2 Color Options) - 2 pcs. (TLB38A)

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This is the BEST less than $5 investment you will ever make on a 1.25" tool! Since we moved from scotch tape to these stoppers over 20 years ago - we haven't lost a bead!

Check out the "mini" version here, if you want to pinch finer cables, thin strings and wires.  Pro: they are tinier and less intrusive.  Con: they are tinier and sometimes harder to grip.

It's a perfect assistant when stringing, and you want to test your designs on a piece of wire or string - so you can easily design from the middle out. Just remove one side at a time and design without worrying about your beads sliding off!

I have a jar-full at home because I admit, I never finish anything right away. So I'm always keeping my place with one of these "pinchies"!

Bead Stoppers!

  • Quantity: 2 pieces
  • 1.25" from end to end
  • Colors: Choose from RED or PINK stoppers!


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