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Brass & Om Beads Bracelet Kit

Brass & Om Beads Bracelet Kit

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Exclusive Brass & Om Beads Bracelet Kit from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:
  • 12mm Black or Red Onyx Om Beads - 14 pieces
  • 16mm Large Brass Tumbled Metal Focal - 1 piece
  • 11mm Old Brass Rustic Bicones - 3 pieces for mind, body, and spirit alignment
  • Stretchy cord starter kit
Om.  When you feel more like OMG than Om, you may need to make a bracelet or necklace with these beads!

Wear it as a reminder to stop, still yourself and realign with your intuitive knowledge.  Send a prayer out for a friend, or take a moment for yourself.  I know... it's hard to remember that our peace of mind is important. That settling the soul keeps us going through the chaos. I forget daily.  So I wear reminders like these.

Each black onyx bead is carved with Om Mani Padme Hum in Sanskrit and we paired it with antique hand-hammered brass beads for a touch of antimicrobial grounding :)
Choose between these Chakra Color Energies:
  • black onyx for protection
  • red onyx dissipates negativity

Online Exclusive!

Video Tutorial: Stretchy Cord Bracelet Tutorial

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