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Brazilian Waxed Polyester (27 Colors) - 10 yards

Brazilian Waxed Polyester (27 Colors) - 10 yards

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Look at the cute bracelets you can make with this cord here!

Perfect for jewelry, macrame, friendship bracelets, crafts, bookmaking, leatherwork, and more! Not only is this 2-ply polyester cord very strong and durable, but it's also washable, colorfast and will not fray.

A prime feature is the ability to burn the ends with a flame (such as a thread zapper or lighter) for a nice seamless finish.  And we heard that you can even incorporate extras pieces if and when needed and it will bond well and remain strong.


  • 2-ply cord
  • 10-yard packages
  • Made in Brazil
  • Equivalent to tex 480
  • Please inquire about special orders for larger quantities, available in 144 meter spools.


Brazilian Waxed Polyester:

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