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Chibi Handmade Glass Beads - Pallas's (Manul) Cat

Chibi Handmade Glass Beads - Pallas's (Manul) Cat

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Manul Cats have a thick, soft coat that is gray in color with dark spots, providing excellent camouflage in their natural habitat. They are solitary and nocturnal hunters, feeding mainly on small prey such as rodents and birds. Manul Cats are adapted to life in harsh environments and have a reputation for being tough and independent. They are reclusive and difficult to domesticate, making them unsuitable as pets. In some cultures, they are considered sacred animals and are believed to have healing properties.

Natsu is a Japanese lampworker who loves animals, and makes the cutest animal beads ever! Her range includes birds, dogs, cats, sea life, farm animals and more!  Each one has attention to detail that leads to easy recognition, while her shapes and sizes makes them absolutely adorable.   We appreciate her skills of making beads for over 20 years, and the perfection she strives for in the quality of her work.
  • Pallas's (Manul) Cat
  • Approximately 9.2mm tall
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Hole size fits up to 14 gauge
  • Handmade lampwork Satake glass bead wound on a mandrel by one artist in Japan
  • Beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for durability.
  • You will receive a very similar bead to this one pictured!

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