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Deluxe Planishing Hammer with Removable Nylon Head - Fretz #6 (TLA49B)

Deluxe Planishing Hammer with Removable Nylon Head - Fretz #6 (TLA49B)

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Designed primarily for the jewelry maker who only wants one hammer!  

In case you are wondering if you can use this instead of a "chasing" hammer when you are making jewelry with our videos, the answer is YES!!

A quick note: The planishing hammer flattens the metal using the shape of the head. A chasing hammer is used to chase a chasing tool (looks like a nail with a design on the other end) in a pitch bowl to move and design metal. We use it because the chasing face is large and we can “planish” with it. And as a bonus we can “emboss” with the ball pein end.

This Planishing Hammer has a single plastic end which can be removed with a Hex Key. The flat plastic end forms metal while leaving it smooth. The metal end is slightly domed to make it easier to strike flat and slightly domed metal.


  • Hex key included 
  • Single ended insert hammer replacements available for $10
  • Crafted by Bill Fretz, this jeweler's hammer combines durability with elegance. The Padauk wood handle, known for its robustness and striking appearance, is oil-finished for a comfortable grip. Its design ensures a gentle touch, with a flexible thin neck for ease of use. The head, made from 420-grade stainless steel, is hardened to 50 HRC, offering both longevity and efficiency. This hammer is an essential tool for precision work in jewelry making.
  • Face size : 19mm, 19mm
  • Overall length/dimensions : 9"
  • Head length/dimensions : 72mm

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