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Feng Shui Sliding Knot Bracelet Kit - 6mm Red Agate

Feng Shui Sliding Knot Bracelet Kit - 6mm Red Agate

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Macrame is fun, and you can make these shamballa/bodhi style bracelets with a couple pieces of string, beads and your fingers! It's hand-knotted with an adjustable sliding knot, so you can make it fit just about anyone you want! There are no metals so it's perfect for those with metal sensitivity.

6mm Red Agate Kit comes with the phoenix and turtle beads. Choose between the two for transformation and creativity or grounding and protection. Use the other for another personal project!


  • 6mm Red Agate (for power and courage) round beads - 24 pieces
  • 8mm Crystal Quartz Feng Shui etched round beads - 2 pieces total
    • Phoenix ( transformation and creativity) - 1 piece
    • Turtle (grounding and protection) - 1 piece
  • .6mm Chinese knotting cord - 3 yards
  • Super Mac nylon cord - 1 yard
  • 7mm rustic round brass beads - 2 pieces
  • 4mm plated pewter hex spacer beads - 2 pieces
  • Black monofilament 'needle' - 1 piece
  • Each kit is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.

Kit includes EVERYTHING you need! *Please provide your own scissors and either a thread zap, lighter or glue to seal the ends of the cord.

Knotting tweezers will help! (Let us know if you need knotting tweezers, they are only $5 and not included) 

Video Tutorial:

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