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Framed Volcano Round Charm (2 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

Framed Volcano Round Charm (2 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

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Evoke the raw power of nature with our volcano charm. This beautifully crafted piece captures the majestic and awe-inspiring essence of our volcanos in Hawaii! It's a symbol of fiery passion, transformative power, and the dynamic forces that shape our world.

And with the recent eruptions of Kilauea on the Big Island, it's an even more grand reminder of the potent energy and force that we ourselves hold and can unleash for our personal growth!

  • Round Framed Volcano Charm
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 14mm
    • Width: 11mm
  • Available in:
    • Sterling Silver
    • Tarnish-Resistant Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Designed in Canada by your friend and jewelry designer, Dana H.!
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