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Hawaiian Salt - 3 oz.

Hawaiian Salt - 3 oz.

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Hawaiian Sea Salt: 3 oz. Spice up your meal with “mana” — the spirit of our Islands.

Found nowhere else in the world, Hawaiian Sea Salt is drawn from waters, pure and untouched for a thousand years…from depths of 2200 feet off the Kona Coast. These ancient waters produce one of Hawaii’s most precious Gifts.

One of Hawaii’s most precious gifts. 100% Kona Hawaiian Sea Salt with Alaea added. This iron oxide volcanic rich clay from Kauai is added to our Kona Hawaiian Sea Salts as it dries to produce a reddish hue exuding ‘mana’ or spirit. 

You can use it to cook OR for purification and protection rituals at home!!  Use it to "clean" your gemstones as well!  Details in our blog post here!

Note: We also chose this brand as it's been a local staple for years in Hawaii, and owned by our friend and fellow crafty beader, Lynn M!

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