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Heaven & Earth Mixed Gemstones (Beads Only)

Heaven & Earth Mixed Gemstones (Beads Only)

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We made up two different gemstone mixes that you can use to make a straight strung, stretchy cord, basic wire wrap bracelet or necklace starter, or you can make the same thing we did: a bodhi macrame bracelet (tutorial link below)!  Whatever you decide, we hope you feel the combined energies of the gemstones to lift and lighten your load.

The first, lighter colored one we call HEAVEN, is to support a greater yin energy. it’s to enhance self-reflection, deep thinking, meditation, self- love and as sense of peace. This has a kind and gentle energy that’s quite comforting.

The second we named EARTH, and is made to support a strong yang energy.. to bring about a sense of confidence, support in taking on new challenges and a willingness to discover our inner truths. 

Please wear then in the way you wish and feel like you have a new best friend encouraging you along the way!

  • 14 Beads in the Heaven kit ranging in size from 9-10mm on the average.
  • 13 beads in the Earth kit, ranging from 10-12mm on the average.
  • Each kit is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones. 

Video Tutorial:

Bodhi Bracelet Video with Thinner Cord

Heaven and Earth Bracelet Video -Taped Live for YouTube

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