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HypoTube Fabric Cement Glue - 9mL.

HypoTube Fabric Cement Glue - 9mL.

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G-S Hypo Fabric Cement, with its unique pinpoint precision applicator, dries crystal clear and stays flexible, making it perfect for a wide variety of fabric applications. Great for adhering embellishments to clothing or glueing the knot to end.

  • Dries water clear and stays clear. Sets in 10 minutes.
  • There's a tiny pinhole sized precision applicator that allows maximum control with this jeweler's cement.
  • Excellent for bead stringing, we like to use this to finish our knots when using the nylon cord (if you don't burn the ends).
  • Don't squeeze the tube hard, as just a small amount on knots is sufficient to hold them in place for a good long time.
  • Much better than crazy glue or craft glue, and better than nail polish, this will not bond your fingers, it's non-brittle and dries clear. It will not damage or craze surfaces and excess can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or acetone.
  • 1/3 oz.

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