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Jasper Knotted Bracelet

Jasper Knotted Bracelet

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Jasper Knotted Bracelet designed and hand-made in Hawaii with expert craftsmanship and aloha!

  • 10mm round jasper beads
  • 11mm plated gold lotus coin charm
  • 5mm metal spacers
  • Fits up to 6-3/4" wrist
  • Closure: toggle clasp

Jasper is wonderful for helping mental stress, grounding, and aligning chakras!

Jasper is a member of the chalcedony family. It is usually an opaque stone with a solid color or an irregular display of colors caused by various mineral impurities. Its colors are usually red, yellow, brown, or green in color and rarely blue. The common red color is due to iron inclusions. It often contains an abundance of impurities, and therefore some regard it as a rock instead of a mineral. Patterns arise during the consolidation process forming flow and depositional patterns in the original silica-rich sediment or ash. The Jasper name means "spotted or speckled stone".

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