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Joy's Tumbled Stone Mix for the New Year (Heart Full of Love) - 5 pcs.

Joy's Tumbled Stone Mix for the New Year (Heart Full of Love) - 5 pcs.

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Exclusive Joy's Tumbled Stone Mix for the New Year (Heart Full of Love) from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:

  • Total pieces: 5 pieces
  • Stones included are:
    • Pink Opal - 1 piece
    • Rhodochrosite - 1 piece
    • Gray Banded Agate - 1 piece
    • Ametrine - 1 piece
    • Rhodonite - 1 piece
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.


  • Pink opal is a stone of peace and tranquility, noted for its energies in healing emotions. It is one of the most powerful healing stones, a stone of hope and great achievement which helps to bring compassion and a gentle resolution of painful memories. It promotes relaxation and assists with eliminating stress.
  • Rhodochrosite opens the heart and energizes the soul, thereby facilitating giving and receiving love. It is a stone that represents selfless love and compassion. It helps one face the truth about oneself and others with loving awareness, gentleness, and comfort, and promotes emotional healing. It supports self-healing from past physical or emotional violence, severe shame, or any type of traumatizing emotional injury.
  • Agates are balancing, grounding, healing and an overall best friend/sidekick/wingman to have at your side.  
  • Ametrine is a powerful generator for creativity, new ideas, and insights. It helps you to stay focused on the task at hand, so if you are trying to break a bad habit, keep ametrine at hand. Ametrine keeps you optimistic and feeling undisturbed even when you are in the midst of stressful circumstances.
  • Rhodonite is a stone that raises self-worth, soothes the nervous system, provides emotional stability, and helps organize feelings of being scattered, ungrounded, and imbalanced. It is an emotional balancing stone that promotes the channeling of one’s self-love and compassion outward for the benefit of the community in an outer directed love that is seen through altruism and generosity.  It also helps uncover one’s hidden talents and then supports using those talents for the good of all.
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