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Labradorite Purple Flash Strand (AMAZING) - 6mm Round

Labradorite Purple Flash Strand (AMAZING) - 6mm Round

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Labradorite has blue, white and orange flashes depending the country of origin!  This particular batch had a beautiful and RARE PURPLE and slight fuschia flash!

FYI: The colors in Labradorite are not actually present in stone, rather they are the result of light play within the stone. Labradorite is a feldspar with a crystalline structure that forms very thin compacted layers. When light hits the surface of the stone, it travels down through the layers, which reflect, refract and diffuse the white light, absorbing some colors and reflecting others which we see as the flash on the surface of the stone.

  • 6mm smooth round purple flash labradorite strand
  • 10" strand, approximately 41 beads
  • Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of gemstones, their appearance may vary
  • From Madagascar
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