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Leather Flower Earrings - 1 pair (J238)

Leather Flower Earrings - 1 pair (J238)

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🌸 Floral Delight 🌺

These pretty, handmade leather flower earrings are FOREVER FLOWERS that capture the essence of Aloha with the vibrant colors of Hawaii’s favorite blossoms! We adore the pure white of jasmine and pikake, the sunny yellows and fiery oranges of hibiscus and puakenikeni, the soft pinks of plumeria, and the fresh greens of pakalana!

Handcrafted in Tokyo, each flower is meticulously cut, molded, and punched to achieve floral perfection. This delightful discovery led to a cherished friendship with the talented artist.

  • 14k Rose Gold Filled Hoops - 45mm
  • Leather Flowers - Handmade in Japan
  • Flower Sizes - Range from 7mm to 20mm

*Please note, I used a little glue to keep my flowers together on some of the sets. We didn’t glue the ones in your sets so you can choose how to arrange them. You can align the petals or offset them for different looks. Use any glue you prefer, and if you have questions, please message us!

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