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Mister Clean: A Tool Cleaning Kit by Jason!

Mister Clean: A Tool Cleaning Kit by Jason!

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Having problems with rust spots on your mandrels, or sticky jaws on your pliers?  You aren't the only one!  And especially with the humidity in Hawaii wreaking havoc on our tools, we need to make sure that we do a bit of maintenance and show our tools some love!  There's enough in your kit to clean all your basic tools and a bench block.. if you need more, let us know.

Jason put together his favorite and practical tool cleaning knick knacks - so you can tackle this job like a boss!


  • Sand paper in 5 grits
  • Renaissance wax - a dollop
  • Steel wool - the finest one available 
  • Wooden stick with multiple handy uses 
  • Tool Oil 
  • 1 set of gloves
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