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Moldavite 18-22mm Pendant - 1 pc.

Moldavite 18-22mm Pendant - 1 pc.

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Moldavite is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  Very hard to find in larger pieces, AND in the bottle green color.  If you aren’t familiar with outer space beads – keep reading!

  • Moldavite Pendant
  • 1 pc.
  • 18-22mm
  • Rhodium Plated over Sterling Silver
  • Each pendant is different, due to the nature of the stones

We are fascinated by things from “outer space”, and I put that in air quotes, because WE are also in outer space, LOL!  And whenever we find this bottle green gem, Jason and I get excited about getting some for the store! 

Tektite is natural glass formed by the heat and impact of a meteor, found in North and Central America, Central Europe, Australia, South East Asia, and the Philippines. Tektite comes in earthy colors: dark brown, green, and black. The color is directly related to where they’re from!  

Moldavite is a specific kind of tektite formed by a meteorite impact in southern Germany. It was discovered in the town of Moldauthein which is now in the Czech Republic and identifiable by a olive/bottle-green color. Moldavite has a “growing moss” texture with unusual swirls, folds, and bubbles. 

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