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Nylon Hammer w/ Ash Handle

Nylon Hammer w/ Ash Handle

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This is a hard plastic hammer that's great for flattening your metals, forming around a mandrel, or bending sheet metal.  Its nylon surface will not mar or leave a mark on projects, so you can hammer away!

The plastic on this German model is harder and a bit heavier than the nylon domed, so I recommend this one if you are making bangles or working with thick gauge wire that needs a lot of force when shaping.

As you'll see in many of our wire tutorials on YoutTube, we like it to harden our handmade earwires, to flatten out charms after we've hand stamped them, and all over general wire working use where you want to harden the piece without losing the rounded shape of the wire itself.


  • Our German-made hammer with 1-1/16 -27mm- nylon face
  • Seasoned ash handle with a drop forged head and two durable nylon faces.
  • Mandrel in photo and ring, not included :)
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