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Prayer Coin Amulet Stretchy Cord Bracelet w/ Coily Bead


If you sometimes feel vulnerable or exposed to the energies swirling around you, it may be time to gird up and be aware of keeping your aura tight around you, and protecting yourself with boundaries that allow you to feel safe! This bracelet was designed to bring about awareness of what YOU need!

The coily bead on this particular bracelet is to symbolize our ability to begin again.. every day is a new beginning.

  • Mixed 10-14mm gemstones with a handmade Thai brass prayer amulet. 
  • Stretchy cord bracelet fits up to 6 1/2” inch wrist. (Resizing available for a small fee.)
  • Gemstones: shungite, sugilite, smoky quartz, chrysocolla, gold dragon on black agate, star garnet, black jade, scapolite, (bryozoan) fossilized coral, prayer coin amulet in brass, moss amethyst, herkimer quartz, vermeil, bronze, gold-filled and sterling silver.