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Pro Polish Pads - Shine Up Your Life! (TLA26A)

Pro Polish Pads - Shine Up Your Life! (TLA26A)

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Clean your jewelry and metals back to a shiny, bright luster with a small, handy, economical polisher that is truly amazing. 

These 2″ x 2″ Ultra-Polish Pads are great for removing tarnish, highlighting when using liver of sulfur or silver black, or polishing to a high luster.

Jason swears by these, and uses them in his soldering classes to finish off the rings and bangles to a super shine!

Leaves no residue. They are made of thin, tight-bond foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives.

Tip: Start a new habit by polishing your wire before doing ANY kind of wire work. This takes off the tarnish and creates a smooth surface for your tools to glide over.   Reduces friction, jaw marks on the wire, and make it easier to turn and move the wire in general.  Try it, you’ll see!

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