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Raw Silk Texturing Hammer - Fretz #14 (TLA49A)

Raw Silk Texturing Hammer - Fretz #14 (TLA49A)

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One of our two favorite texturing hammers (the other is the waffle), and a best seller in the store!  Everything looks great hammered, and this one takes your metal components and bangles to a whole 'nother level!

Both faces of this Fretz texturing hammer have a crosshatch pattern to produce a textured effect on either curved or flat metal. Start with the flat textured face, then planish with the domed textured face. While almost any hammer can be used to create texture on metal, texturing hammers are specially designed for the purpose of creating attractive and unusual textures on your jewelry designs; the pattern on the hammer face is transferred to the metal with every strike.

You will immediately notice the difference in weight and balance of this hammer, and feel an improvement in your hits with its all stainless steel head.

It will texture your metals without leaving edge marks, and the quality of the wood handle and smooth steel face will keep you smiling! Don't forget you will need something to hammer on! Pictured with the hammer is a bench block!


Crafted by Bill Fretz, this jeweler's hammer combines durability with elegance. The Padauk wood handle, known for its robustness and striking appearance, is oil-finished for a comfortable grip. Its design ensures a gentle touch, with a flexible thin neck for ease of use. The head, made from 420-grade stainless steel, is hardened to 50 HRC, offering both longevity and efficiency. This hammer is an essential tool for precision work in jewelry making.

  • Face size : 19mm
  • Overall length/dimensions : 9"
  • Head length/dimensions : 68mm
  • Head weight : 3.1 oz. (110g)
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