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Red Aventurine 5mm Round Bead - 15" Strand

Red Aventurine 5mm Round Bead - 15" Strand

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  • 5mm Red Aventurine smooth round bead
  • 15" strand
  • Approximately 80 beads per strand
  • Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of gemstones, their appearance may vary to some degree

Red aventurine is a red, translucent to partially translucent crystal with hematite and/or goethite mica inclusions which give the stone a shimmery, glistening sparkle appearance. Red aventurine enhances creativity and prosperity, diffuses negativity, and balances the male-female energies. Red aventurine can also help to ground excess energies within the body. This is a stone for the physical self - vitality, energy, creativity, sexuality -  all a part of being here and present in our bodies. This stone will help one identify one’s goals, and assists in following through with discipline and confidence.

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